T-ara – Lies/Wanna Play @ Inkigayo

3 Aug

T-ara are back! There’s been some changes and they now have 6 members and they seem to be following the Hallyu trend of big girl groups that all dance and sing and rap. Granted, these girls don’t have the finesse or experience of say 2NE1 (who are going from strength to strength), Girls’ Generation (who seem to be the most popular girl group at the moment) or Wondergirls (making waves in America) but I do like them. I think they have some of the stronger voices in K-pop. However, I wish they would practise more and not lip-sync eh!

平 和 愛

One Response to “T-ara – Lies/Wanna Play @ Inkigayo”

  1. NyNy 22/08/2009 at 4:23 pm #

    After they stopped doing Wanna Play with Lies, you can hear their voices but during this time, it’s lipsynching.

    But if you look at the 14.08.09 performance, you can hear their voices clearly.

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