Soyeon (T-ara) – What Should We Finish? (Death Bell 2 OST) Live on M! Countdown

24 Jun

My favourite T-ara member, and thus, favourite Korean singer, Soyeon performed on M! Countdown solo! I didn’t even know she was releasing a song solo! She’s not technically because it is part of the OST for Death Bell 2 but who knows! It’s the lead single which is great for Soyeon! When T-ara hit it big with TTL and TTL (Listen 2), she was the lead vocalist. But when they released their debut album and the re-release I was very disappointed because Soyeon didn’t have such a big role in the songs. Obviously all members of a band have to sing but I thought it was disappointing because Soyeon has such an amazing voice.

Thus! I am thrilled that she is having a song all to her own and people can see just how talented she is. I think some people don’t like her because she quit SNSD, because she seems very mature at times and serious (compared to Eunjung who is very plafyul) but Soyeon is awesome! I definitely think she is one of the best singers in K-pop at the moment. Soyeon hwaiting~!

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