The Promise of a Brit Award

19 Feb

My favourite girlband, Girls Aloud, won their first Brit award last night! The Brit awards are the British version of the Grammys. They won Best British Single, voted by the public, for The Promise! The song is really catchy, it’s not my favourite but it got to number one, so I’m not really complaining! Their latest album isn’t my favourite (where’s Nadine?!), but it has a couple of cool songs.

They also performed the song, live on the night complete with big pink feather fans and seriously short dresses. To my surprise (and I think the wider public’s as well) Sarah actually sang well, and hit those notes! Let’s not talk about that performance on gmtv… check out the performance!

In other news, what the hell was up with U2 and Bono? Or maybe I should just say Bono. Firstly, the song isn’t all that good, nor does it really make sense. Secondly, why was Bono wearing glasses? and then eye shadow? It really doesn’t make sense! Take That was cool, although their performance didn’t really go anywhere. Estelle and the Ting Tings rocked it. Kings of Leon were amazing, and ever so daper! James Corden and Matthew Horne were probably (read: hopefully) drunk. Duffy sang super good. I don’t know what else to say… It wasn’t my favourite Brits ever, but congrats to Girls Aloud; you totally deserve! Here’s to three more albums (and hopefully more!)

平 和 愛

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