BoA’s 9th Anniversary – Top 9 BoA MVs

3 Sep

BoA recently celebrated her 9th year in the music industry (can you believe it? in the industry for 9 years and only 22!); to honour this achievement I’ve decided to post my top 9 BoA MVs/songs. Enjoy~

Do The Motion, from 2005’s Outgrow, is arguably BoA’s finest song. Produced with a sweet, summery jazz sound, it showed BoA’s versatility and hit the top spot of Japan’s Oricon chart. It remains BoA’s only number 1 single to date. The video is pretty sweet; the European feel and BoA’s simple dance routine compliment the sound of the song really well. You can tell BoA worked really hard on this single and it deservedly is my number 1.

This next song is one of my favourite songs of all time! It’s the song I listen to when I’m in a great mood and it makes me even happier. It’s also the song I listen to in the mornings if I need a bit of get up and go. Sweet Impact is from BoA’s 2007 album, The Face and was pretty successfuly (reaching the top 5 of the Oricon). The Face is a great album (my favourite BoA album for sure). Although, actually, when I first heard this single I was disappointed and didn’t listen to it again for a good while. A few months later I was hooked ^_^ The MV is awesome too, BoA does a great homage to Michael Jackson

QUINCY was the song that started it all for BoA and me. Released in 2004 on her Best of Soul best of album, it was one of the first J-pop songs I got into aside from Utada. In fact, BoA is the second J-pop artist I got into after Utada so she always has a soft spot in my heart. Who’d have thought I’d still be loving her 5 years later? I can remember listening to this song, getting hooked, coming into college the next day and telling everyone about it. It’s not BoA’s most famous song, but I love it ^_^

永遠; Eien (Forever) was released as a promotional single from BoA’s japanese release of her debut English language album (which was released with a best of album; the whole release was called Best & USA – does that make sense? ^^;). From the very first time I heard this song I loved it. It was a return to the BoA that I loved. Catchy melodies, a hook of a chorus, sweet vocals. It’s one of my favourite BoA songs ever and shows how BoA has matured as an artist over the years.

メリクリ; Meri Kuri (Merry Christmas) is also from her Best of Soul album. It was BoA’s first Christmas themed song and hit number 5 on the Oricon charts. I love this song, it’s very simple and very sweet. I love Christmas and love Christmas songs so this is perfect for me ^_^ It also shows off BoA’s very good voice (something for which she is not always given credit). The MV is simple as well and shows a softer side of BoA.

This retro BoA! Amazing Kiss is about 8 years old and taken from her very first Japanese album Listen to My Heart. It’s very very 90s pop (overly produced should I say?). This is a bit silly, but I love it ^_^ It’s weird to see BoA so young and being so talented. Especially considering the fact that 8 years ago I was messing about in class.

Valenti is BoA’s biggest selling single (with over a 200,000 copies sold), it’s a catchy pop song with a real dance vibe. I think this is what people would suggest BoA’s sound to be like. I like this song, it’s cool, it’s not my favourite song though but if it comes on, I don’t mind tapping along to it ^_^ There’s Japanese, Korean and English versions to boot! My favourite is probably the Japanese one though.

This is another Christmas inspired song. It was a huge success for BoA (which I think she was surprised by). It was narrowly beaten to the top of the charts. It’s a beautiful ballad with BoA proving that she can sing beautifully with heartfelt emotion and not just dance around to club beats. Winter Love is perhaps one of her best songs and should perhaps be higher up on this list… *scratches head*

I Did It for Love is BoA’s second English single and features the vocal and production talents of Sean Garrett. It’s a killer tune! It’s an awesome song! It’s a bit repetitive and I know BoA has been slated by a lot of people for still having an accent. But I think that’s rubbish, I can understand her perfectly well and she’s Korean! What’s the problem with accents? Not everyone has to sing in the same General American accent to be successful. Sadly, BoA’s American career doesn’t seem to be going too well, perhaps America is just not ready for an Asian popstar yet. Which is a shame, there’s loads of a talent there. Anyways! This rounds up the list. I hope you enjoyed it, I wish BoA many more years of success! I I I I I did it did it did it for love~ ^_^

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