aiko – milk

4 Sep

I guess I’m a pretty bad blogger for not being up-to-date with the goings on in the J-pop world. I used to be on it! But now I’m happy to just wait for my favourite artists to put out new songs. But I shouldn’t be like this! The Japanese music industry is alive and kicking ^_^ This song is by aiko, who is amazingly popular in Japan but doesn’t seem to covet fame like Kumisan or Hamasakisan. I never really got into aiko though, granted, she’s a good singer. Her voice is very interesting and she makes great little indie-pop records which I should love! Maybe I should pay her more heed. I love her song 星のない世界 (Hoshi no Nai Sekai; which was Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fate’s theme song) but other than that, don’t know much about her. But this little song is sweet and refreshing – just like a good glass of milk ^_~ It’s got a little bit of a jazzy/reggae sound going on. I like it lots.

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