f(x) – Lachata

4 Sep

I’m a bit slow with this but SM Entertainment are debuting a new girl group called f(x) (don’t ask me what it means… it’s complicated and about flowers and xx chromosomes or something). I’ve not really listened to this group properly yet… but this song seems preeeeetty cool. I don’t think it has the same catchyness as Girls’ Generation’s Gee or Tell Me Your Wish but for a debut song, I think it’s not half decent. Besides, they’re with SM Entertainment who are, for me, the leading entertainment managers in Korea at the moment (BoA, Girls’ Generation, Tohoshinki???). Sometimes they make a couple of mistakes… I think maybe they think they can make no bad choices, but they do… ahem… Anyways! Krystal (sister of SNSD’s Jessica) and Victoria (leader of the band) are my favourites ^_^

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