JASMINE – sad to say

4 Sep

So, there has been a recent flood of female rappers in the Asian music scene; if you don’t have a rapper in your girl group in Korea then you’re not a girl group at all! Granted that only applies to this generation of girl groups, but still… it’s very… I’m not sure I like it. Each song has a rap intro and/or outro. I blame Yubin from Wonder Girls. But she’s ace, so I’ll let her off. JASMINE is a J-pop singer who debuted this year with sad to say which is pretty awesome! It has a cute melody, her rapping skills are pretty sweet too. The song isn’t overly produced like a lot of music these days, but it does sound a bit dated, not a bad thing, but you can totally hear it playing on a 90s radio station. Sadly, she dresses a bit like Jentina… which is horrific.

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