Final Fantasy Dissidia

12 Sep

So I recently got given Final Fatnasy Dissidia on the PSP by my boyfriend (<3). Awesomeness! He actually got me the Collector's Edition which is even more awesome! It's pretty fun, it's a bit like Super Smash Bros or an arena based fighting/mash em up but with RPG elements thrown in. I will say, it’s darn confusing. I have no idea what’s going on and the ingame tutorials are basically: “Hey! This is a really cool thing but it’s a bit complicated so only look it up if you want to” and then you go look it up and you’re none the wiser. I’m also a bit gutted that they don’t have my favourite characters in there (I mean, what happened to Yuna or Tifa or Ashe or Penelo. Granted, I can understand why Tifa might not be there as Cloud is very much the protagonist of FF7, but Yuna kicks Tidus’s butt anyday). It’s pretty cool and feels very immersive. I’m going to go play it now ^_^

Below is the intro fmv which I made me :O It’s pretty cool! Reminds me a lot of the Dead Fantasy fanvids. But with more boys.

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