T-ara & Supernova – T.T.L @ M! Countdown

17 Sep

Sooooooooo, possibly my favourite Korean girl group T-ara are baaaack ^_^ Yay! I know what you’re thinking, “Really? T-ara? Tiara? Them? Them with their little hobbit singer?” But yeah! I really <3 them! I don't know why… they just seem to be working really hard and not giving up despite them not having the biggest debut. They also have really good voices and are trying to forge their way without the catchiest of pop songs. They just performed their live debut with Supernova on M! Countdown and… my opinion…

Well, I love it! They've come so far from Good Person Ver. 1. I mean, they’ve had to totally change the band members, change their concepts and looks and are now working really hard. I have lots of respect for people that keep working and working. I’m not sure if they’ll ever be super famous, but I already feel like they’ve come so far from their debut and I think they’ll just keep going and going ^_^ They’re much more professional in this performance than their live debut of Lies

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