2NE1 – I Don’t Care @ Asia Song Contest 2009

25 Sep

For those that don’t know, the Asia Song Contest is a musical extravaganza. It’s very different from the Eurovision Song Contest (in which artists representing a country compete against each other to win; it’s either really prestigious and a great honour to win, or very shameful and not really that serious). Anyways, a Korean company set up a similar kind of show, but instead of competing, artists from different Asian countries perform together to promote Asian music. It’s pretty cool, but at the same time not so cool. Obviously it’s Korean-centric because it was founded in Korea, but I would like to see some more other Asian stars. I mean, fair enough Chris Lee is huge in China, but nowhere really else. And Gackt isn’t as popular as other Japanese stars. Regardless, it’s pretty cool :) Check out 2NE1’s performance of I Don’t Care. They also won an award for best newcomer.

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