Leona Lewis – Outta My Head

12 Nov

Leona Lewis has a new album out, Echo (like you didn’t know already!). It’s a bit different from her debut, less r and b poppy songs, a slightly more grown up sound but overall? It’s Leona Lewis. I think Leona Lewis delivers her songs, however diverse they are, in one style and delivery and can’t alter that. That’s not to say she isn’t talented because I truly believe she has one of the best voices of her generation. One of the songs that has surprised me the most though is Outta My Head. It’s a pretty huge, thumping electro-pop song. Check it out below. Whatdyathink? People are saying she gives Minnie Ripperton (rip) a run for her money. I’m sorry, but that’s rubbish. Minnie was amazing, totally underrated and could deliver a song with the slightest of vocals. I don’t think Leona can do that, but what she does, she does it well.

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