peach ai Version 2.0

14 Jan

Hi everyone ^_^ Time for one of those rare things, a personal post about me and not about Asian pop culture. Pretty rare, I know but hopefully slightly interesting nonetheless. Just wanted to introduce the new blog layout to everyone. It’s been a long time coming right? But I thought a new year needs a new layout.

This layout was inspired by different things. I design like this a lot. I like natural flowing shapes and movement in my artwork, so I often design banners with this also in mind. Also, I wanted a white background because I figured the peach coloured one from before was not only very hard to read for some people, but also very selfish on my part.

What does everyone think? I quite like it. I’m not sure if the peach logo on the right gets lost a bit, I think it does. But I also quite like the clutter of the design. It’s like two designs really, and maybe they don’t go well together. Also, I still don’t completely understand wordpress’s css, but it’ll have to do. I like it for now. Gambatte!

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