T-ara – We Are The One MV Preview and Making Of

28 Apr

So! T-ara are releasing a World Cup song! Woo! Congratulations to the girls! I know a lot of K-pop artists release support songs but to be chosen is still undoubtedly a great honour. They must be very proud ^_^ For this release, the girls are sporting red and white cheer leading outfits. What with SNSD’s Samsung Cooky CF and Kara’s World Cup song, the ladies of the K-pop world have gone cheer leader crazy!

However, sadly for T-ara, I’m not overly impressed with the song ;_; I’m actually quite disappointed… Ole ole ole le le le isn’t the most original of melodies – especially for someone living in England. However, I am really happy for the girls ^_^ Not too sure about the face painting though – but bless them! Check out the MV teaser and making of below~ Also check out Boram’s hair! I quite like it!

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