SNSD – Girls’ Generation 2010 Remix!

30 Apr

SNSD were, for a long time, my greatest K-pop love. When the world was going Wonder Girls crazy, I always loved SNSD – particularly for their song Girls’ Generation. A cover of Lee Seung-chul’s original, the 2007 hit catapulted the girls to fame in Korea. For some reason, the West fell in love with the Wonder Girls and not SNSD (despite SNSD achieving greater sales than the Wonder Girls). I guess it was the super catchy Tell Me dance phenomena.

SNSD’s version has been remixed for a new Lee Seung-chul best of remix album and… I quite like it! I think the reason why I fell in love with SNSD was because Girls’ Generation had such a strong 80s sound (being a cover of an 80s song and all). I love 80s music – I love it more than modern pop music so I really loved Girls’ Generation. This remix is great because it stays true to the original sound whilst also making it sound contemporary. Check out the song below~

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