Eurovision 2010 – Top 3 Performances

1 Jun

So, Eurovision has come and gone in a flash – if you’re from the UK you’d be easily forgiven for not realising it was on over the weekend. Normally the annual event is lauded in the tabloids but recent years have seen its popularity diminish amongst the Big Four – at least the UK, for quite some time, has stopped caring. The UK has become one of the poorest performing nations. If we weren’t protected then we wouldn’t make it through the semi-finals with most of the drivel we send, Saturday’s offering case in point. However, let’s not be cruel to the competition.

I genuinely love it and can’t remember the last time I missed a contest. I just find it disparaging how not only does the UK not take it seriously, but also mocks it jealously with secret hopes of winning again. The UK, like the other Big Four nations (Germany, France and Spain also gurantee participation as being the biggest benefactors – without which the competition could not run) have been writen off the past decade. As the EU’s borders expanded, the Big Four’s hopes of winning shrunk. This all changed on Saturday.

Germany became the first Big Four nation to win the competition in more than a decade. Winning with a 76 margin, this is the second highest margin since last year’s winner (Norway won by a huge amount). Lena sang Satelitte with the influence of Kate Nash and Lily Allen being undeniable. It does however mark a slight trend in Eurovision: Lordi, Alexander Ryban and Lena all winning with songs not fitting into the Eurovision stereotype.

I really liked this song, it’s so catchy and cute and Lena is awkwardly endearing. Definitely my favourite song for this year! My other favourites include Iceland’s Hera Bjork with a bit of Eurovision diva disco and Tom Dice for Belgium with an acoustic guitar track – all very different songs. I guess that shows you how much Eurovision has come along.

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