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SNSD – Girls’ Generation 2010 Remix!

30 Apr

SNSD were, for a long time, my greatest K-pop love. When the world was going Wonder Girls crazy, I always loved SNSD – particularly for their song Girls’ Generation. A cover of Lee Seung-chul’s original, the 2007 hit catapulted the girls to fame in Korea. For some reason, the West fell in love with the Wonder Girls and not SNSD (despite SNSD achieving greater sales than the Wonder Girls). I guess it was the super catchy Tell Me dance phenomena.

SNSD’s version has been remixed for a new Lee Seung-chul best of remix album and… I quite like it! I think the reason why I fell in love with SNSD was because Girls’ Generation had such a strong 80s sound (being a cover of an 80s song and all). I love 80s music – I love it more than modern pop music so I really loved Girls’ Generation. This remix is great because it stays true to the original sound whilst also making it sound contemporary. Check out the song below~

SNSD – Run Devil Run MV

17 Mar

After teasing their fans with the previews of Run Devil Run, the SNSD girls have just released the mv! I love the mv, it’s so slick and the all look amazing. These girls are definitely at the top of the pack at the moment, even though I fly the flag for T-ara. A lot of girl groups are coming back strong (T-ara, Kara, After School, f(x)) but SNSD stand head and shoulders above them all. Check out their music video:

SNSD – Run Devil Run Released!

17 Mar

SM’s darlings, SNSD, have released the audio for the new song, Run Devil Run. No doubt this will be a mega hit!

SNSD – Oh! @ Inkigayo

9 Feb

Apologies for my absent postings as of late, with my new job, I’m always so busy ^_^ but I do miss blogging and the k-pop scene. Gotta keep up with it!

I’ve been listening to a bit of SNSD’s new album, and I quite like the single, Oh! Still can’t get over how similar it sounds to Rihanna though, but that’s old news. Check out their performance of Oh! on Inkigayo recently!


1 Feb

The girls released the full MV for their new single, Oh! I quite like it. It’s not my favourite SNSD song by far (Gee still remains one of my favourite songs), but I quite like it. I’ve not listened too much to the whole new album but it seems pretty cool so far. It’s less… SM Entertainment sounding though. They’ve definitely changed their music style – that’s a good thing cause it means they’ve grown as artists, but at the same time, I miss the gee gee gee playfulness.

SNSD – Oh! MV Teaser / Full Song

25 Jan

Sorry for not posting much this last week, I’ve been very busy ^_^ Thank you for your continued appreciation and hits though ^_^

To mark my return from a short hiatus, let’s kick things off with SNSD! Oh em gee O_o! They’re back with a new song~ and album, but that hasn’t been released yet. It’s really catchy! It’s going to be number 1 mutizen for ages! Weeks! The girls can do no wrong it seems. Or can they?! There’s definitely more than a passing resembalence to Rihanna’s Shut Up and Drive. It’s like the same chorus! *sigh* K-pop producers do it again huh? Check out the full audio and a MV teaser below~

SNSD – Gee / Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) @ Music Core Special

27 Dec

Who doesn’t love the holiday season? I love it, it’s great. You get to spend time with our family and get new shiney things and then also there’s a tonne of live performances of your favourite k-pop bands to watch and listen to. What can warm your heart more than dancing along to SNSD’s Gee and/or Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)?

SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) @ KBS Christmas Special

24 Dec

The SNSD girls are back with one last performance before Christmas Day. Performing on KBS, they sang their hit single, Tell Me Your Wish. The girls never really fail to be great so what can I say? I definitely think this year has been their year and well deservedly so. I’ve always loved SNSD (if it wasn’t for T-ara, they’d still be my favourite band), when the SNSD girls were debuting along with Wonder Girls’ surge in fame, I always <3 SNSD.

Anyways, I'd also like to take the time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday ^_^

SNSD – Gee @ Snow Village

23 Dec

Awww, I think Korea does a really nice job of celebrating Christmas. Everywhere is full of special stages and Christmas renditions of our favourite songs. So, to everyone’s favourite girlband, SNSD performing Gee (arguably my favourite song of the year).

The peach 愛 End of Year Music Awards 2009 Part 1

18 Dec

So, I thought I’d post my own End of Year Music Award list ^_^ This is just my own opinions but I thought it’d be fun. So, without further ado~

Favourite Korean Artist

Winner – T-ara

T-ara are definitely my favourite k-pop artist at the moment. I like them over other favourites, SNSD, Wonder Girls, 2PM and so on. It’s for a few reasons. Firstly, Good Person (their unofficial debut) is a great song. It’s a great ballad that really showed the girls can sing. I think sometimes the k-pop world is all about great pop music and the concept, but they forget the singing. It’s clear to me that T-ara has members that can out sing many other members of bands. That brings me neatly on to Soyeon. I *love* Soyeon. She’s a fantastic singer and is amazingly beautiful. Plus, she’s an 87er and that’s the same as me! When I found out that she got dropped from SNSD because she was an 87er then I just loved her even more. She’s definitely my favourite~ Lastly, they have great songs. Good Person, Lies, TTL, TTL Listen 2, Apple is A, Like The First Time, Bo Peep Bo Peep, that’s 7 songs they’ve released and all of them are great and that’s not to mention their album. The girls aren’t afraid to change their concept and I think they work harder than any other band at the moment. I have so much respect for them. This is the year of T-ara~

Notable mentions – SNSD, Ivy, 2PM, Chae Yeon

Favourite Korean Song

Winner – SNSD – Gee

Gee is by far my most played song ever. It has probably 500+ hits (I’ve had to reformat my computer a couple of times). It’s so insanely catchy and the dance routine is hilariously good. I want to learn it ;_; I want to bust out some moves walking along the street. You know you have that song you listen to and suddenly you find yourself skipping down the street as if you’re 7 years old and it’s Summer? Gee does this to me :)

Notable mentions – T-ara & Supernova – TTL Listen 2, Chae Yeon – Shake, 2PM – Heartbeat, Ivy – Touch Me

Stay tuned for my personal favourites from the J-pop world and the C-pop world; what are your favourite 2009 artists?