BoA is Beautiful

13 Aug

Akon is going to be releasing his album, Freedom, in Japan and has slightly altered it and renamed it Freedom+2. As part of this, he has remixed his hit song, Beautiful, to feature BoA. BoA gives a pretty sweet vocal. I’m always left feeling a bit weird about BoA’s voice. She can sing, but I think she sings from a weird place… her voice sounds very mouthy or something. I think she uses her head voice a lot. Anyways! I still <3 her (don't bash me!). Oh, and fact finders, if you ever wondered why Japanese releases of Western albums always have bonuses, it's because the Japanese record companies put it into their contracts that they want some kind of bonus material. A bit annoying for us, I want the bonuses too dangnabbit!

平 和 愛

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