CoCo Lee – BYOB

26 Aug

I was having one of those reminscient moments where I think: ‘Mmm, what happened to X’. Normally it’s someone I’ve not thought about for ages. This time it was none other than Chinese pop diva, CoCo Lee. For those that don’t know her (granted, I always get the feeling that CoCo Lee is more ‘remembered’ than ‘known’; if that makes sense). I just wanna say, CoCo has an amazing voice. It rivals Mariah’s, Christina’s, Leona’s, Celine’s and so on. She’s had a stab at English music but didn’t quite go anywhere with it. As much as I love her, she has had a few dodgy songs… well, a lot of dodgy songs. And she’s a bit of a hussy… But! Nothing could quite prepare me for this:

O… m… g…

Yep! That’s right! CoCo’s latest song is about recycling! BYOB stands for Bring Your Own Bag! What?! Why? Why would you do that to yourself as an artist? Okay well fair enough, National Geographic wanted her to do it – so it’s a pretty big thing. Maybe they were just like: ‘hey, China’s a big pollutant, let’s get a popstar to sing a song about it!’. The song’s okay… Her other new single is conventional CoCo fair (dance, party, Chinese pop music).

Just wanted to say… omg! *freaked*

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