The Saturdays – Forever Is Over

26 Aug

I always feel a small amount of shame when someone looks at my ipod track listing. It’s really gay. That’s not to say that I only listen to girly pop music, far from it, but lots of stuff that I listen to is exactly that. I love me some Girls Aloud and Wonder Girls. One girl group that has really taken me by surprise is The Saturdays.

I can remember first hearing the debut single, If This Is Love, ages ago on a music channel at like 1am. I should have been sleeping but heard this new song. I heard it again a couple of days later – roughly at the same time too. They make really catchy pop songs and are unashamed about it. Pop music is cool! It has such a bad stigma. Anyways! I’m going off track.

They’ve barely finished touring for their first album but already have a new song out from a second album. I guess their record company, Polydor, want to capitalise on the fact that there is no Girls Aloud release this coming year. The lead single from their sophomore album is called Forever Is Over. It’s less pop, more club, more edge. It reminds me of Call The Shots by Girls Aloud, not just sonically. It has the feel of: ‘look, we’re growing as an artist’ when they’re not really growing at all, just a slightly different sound.

I’ll probably end up listening to this loads. So much cool new music coming out of Britain at the moment! Where to find time to listen to it all?

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