Tori Amos vs Lady GaGa

27 Aug

Tori Amos vs Lady GaGa

So… in a recent interview (here), Ms. Amos called GaGa’s fame temporary and that she won’t be around in 20 years. This caused some bloggers to respond in GaGa’s defense, or to at least mock Tori’s comment and put them down to pure jealousy. I felt like I wanted to respond to these comments.

Firstly, Lady GaGa’s music is rubbish. It’s full of awful lyrics that reference pop culture in the most cliched, trite way. Secondly, the thing that irks me the most, Lady GaGa is a fool. She’s style over substance. If you are a true artist, it should not matter whether you get your vah jay jay out for the stage or wear a costume made from kermits. I can’t stand how obnoxious and ridiculous she is. What pisses me off is that she acts like a messiah to the pop world when she’s not. She’s made it full of awful, second-rate electro-pop music by artists that really shouldn’t be doing that kind of music. Ever. Lady GaGa is a good entertainer, don’t get me wrong, but is she a true, credible artist? She will never truly gain the respect of the music industry – not because she’s a woman, not because she’s a skank, not because she gets her vah jay jay out, but because she simply is not an artist in the realms of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Aretha Franklin and, yes, Tori Amos.

You can knock Tori for being jealous. You can say that she’s saying this just because she has a tour and an album to promote. But I don’t quite buy that. Tori’s outspoken and has always commented on the media. She is a social commentator (and often does this through her songs). It’s not that Tori’s jealous, she’s just telling it how she sees it. And I respect her for it. In a world where the media is fickle and everyone wants to be omigosh bffs with the hottest young starlet, Tori has balls for calling GaGa’s sell-by-date.

I, for one, am already getting bored with Lady GaGa. In fact, I find her rather 1 dimensional, deluded by her own hype and just a fucking joke. Go be inspired by monsters in your bedroom behind a closed door! Until Lady GaGa writes a song as beautiful as Winter or as haunting as Me and a Gun, she will never have longivity. Tori has had a career spanning decades and 10 studio albums. Let’s just see whether Lady GaGa will be around in 20 years. Just as the media is fickle, the music industry gets bored easily. Could the Duffys, Kate Nashes and Adeles of last year succeed in the electro-pop sound of 2009? You already know the answer.

One Response to “Tori Amos vs Lady GaGa”

  1. gloufalicious 27/05/2010 at 7:24 am #

    Agreed. I heard Lady Gaga refer to herself as the new Madonna…eew. How could anyone believe that Lady Gaga’s career will last more than a decade? She’d be lucky. There is no substance there, same with most artists these days, that’s why I find myself reaching back through time for something I can sink my teeth into. People who disagree are just ignorant and haven’t experienced anything deeper, therefore don’t know any better.

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