T-ara & Supernova – TTL Listen 2

12 Oct

So! My second favourite Korean girl group are back with Supernova with a revamped version of TTL! TTL Listen 2 sees all 6 members of both T-ara and Supernova join in on the project – that’s 12 peopel in total! It could have all gone wrong, I mean, I know there are 9 SNSDies, but 12 T-aranovas?! Well, I think it works! The song is a trancey, edgier version of TTL and although you can tell they are connected, I think they’re different enough to not sound too similar… if that makes sense? The MV is… biiiiiiig. Not in the sense of set pieces and the like, but whaaaaaaaa, there’s so many cuts in it… it’s very jumpy, which is a bit sad because maybe it’d’ve been nice to see the dance routine a bit more. However, the makeovers are pretty cool, reminds me of Kylie Minogue. I have to say though… T-ara gets outshined by Supernova. Granted, they’re making their comeback so maybe they’re trying extra hard but their moves seem tighter than T-ara’s. Also, am a little sad Soyeon not in it as much but I guess TTL was just all about her so that’s alright. One last thing, little kudos for little Boram who is a little more noticeable in this MV than others. I really don’t understand the point of her… But check out the MV!

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