BoA – BUMP BUMP! (feat VERBAL (m-flo))

5 Oct

If you read my blog (who am I kidding, no one read this thing!) then you know I’m quite a bit fan of BoA! I’ve liked her for almost 6 years (I think?) and she is definitely one of my favourite artists. She seems to winding down her American promotions and is returning to Japan! I think she makes her best music in Japan, not to knock Korea, China or the USA, but I just prefer it. I don’t know why, maybe avex is just a very smart record label. Anyways, BUMP BUMP! is her new single and it kind of reminds me of… Do The Motion mixed with Eien and a little bit of Sweet Impact thrown in for good measure. It also reminds me a bit of Beyonce’s Crazy in Love and Amerie’s 1 Thing with the trumpet hook (I wonder if it was produced by the same person)… I really like it! Hope it does well!

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