T-ara – Lies / Bo Peep Bo Peep @ 24th Golden Disk Awards

11 Dec

T-ara performed at the 24th Golden Disk Awards ^_^ And not only that, they won a prize! Awesome! I’m so happy for them! They won Best Newcomer along with 4Minute; I can’t believe they won the same award as 4Minute considering everyone seems to love 4Minute and T-ara are working really really hard still to promote themselves and gain fans. Definitely a mile-stone for the girls ^_^ Hopefully it means that their hardwork is starting to pay off and they’re getting recognised for their talent! They also performed Lies and Bo Peep, which was awesome! I really <3 Soyeon, she's awesome! So happy that all her hardwork is finally paying off; she don't need you SNSD! (<3 SNSD) Also! I think that their litle kitten dance is catching on. The video I watched was a bit bad quality and my computer is a bit rubbish but I think someone from SNSD was doing the paw dance! hwaiting~!

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