Hello! Hwaiting!

11 Feb

So… I have been away for ages, right? I’ve not posted a blog in many weeks… sorry about that! And I haven’t been keeping track of your comments (sorry!) but I’ve been so busy! ;_;

I’ve started a new job which is awesome! Hwaiting~! I now work for a web design agency in London called MintTwist doing SEO work so I’m really excited and working very hard at the moment. It’s actually gone pass 6:00pm in the office on Friday and I’m still here! Technically I’m not working (and am instead blogging here…) but it’s still hardwork! I’m coming in on Sunday to do some more work. I’ve never worked so much! Not even at university!

Anyway, I don’t really know what to blog about at the moment – I think I missed all the most important K-pop stories (Kara Drama, T-ara ending promotions, SNSD’s Hoot promotions). So instead I’m just going to post a random video of T-ara performing Bo Peep Bo Peep because T-ara are hwaiting and so am I! I’ve also lost my ipod so commutes are painful… I have an old one instead but all the music there is 2 years old! Need to update it soon ^_^ Anyways~! I will try to blog more often, Colin hwaiting! T-ara hwaiting! MintTwist hwaiting! Woooo~~~~!

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