LA.G – Don’t Flatter Yourself

15 Feb

Quick post before I rush out to meet a friend – new girl idol group, LA.G has released the audio for the debut single, Don’t Flatter Yourself. LA.G are distinguishing themselves from other idol groups by playing classical instruments. What do you think?

I think the song isn’t as catchy as some other K-pop hits but it’s definitely nice to see that there is a band bringing something new and different than the average idol group. I think we are seeing a trend away from the normal idol groups – CN.Blue and Piggy Dolls both offer something unique (rock-band stylings or powerful vocals with unstereotypical presentation).

I think ultimately though that it’ll be a long journey for LA.G to become as famous as other idol groups. Firstly because it’s all very good playing instruments but most netizens (and correct me if I’m wrong) greatly appreciate vocals and dancing skills. It’s all very well being able to play an instrument but it’s much harder to compare to other performances and additionally, I can’t help but feel lots of people won’t relate as much as it’s a different kind of performance compaed to singing and dancing. However, I wait to see their first live stage and if they can impress me then I’ll be very happy for them!

Goodluck LA.G!

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