Namie Amuro & After School – Make It Happen Song & MV Teaser

17 Feb

Japan’s undisputed Queen of Hip Pop recently announced that she will be releasing a special collaboration album (which is cutely getting called Amuro’s Collabo by fans). Amongst the news that she will be dueting with lots of famous J-pop stars was that After School will be making their official, Japanese debut on a track with Amuro!

Amazing right?! Namie is one of my favourite J-pop artists (definitely top 5), and whilst After School aren’t my favourite band, I do like their music and style so I’m super stoked for them! Check here for a brief teaser for the MV and you can hear a short clip of the song:

Everyone looks amazing right? Especially Namie and Kahi. The song sounds really good too so be sure to check back for the full audio!

For me, this represents a landmark development in the Korean, Hallyu wave. Of course you had/have artists like BoA and DBSK and in the past few months we have seen the surge in popularity of KARA and SNSD (Shoju Jidai), but to my knowledge, this is the first time a Korean idol girlgroup has dueted with such a huge star in Japan. It will be interesting to know why Namie selected After School – I think they have similar, punchy and fierce attitudes and stage presence.

With KARA’s future looking stressed, and SNSD following a cuter image, After School definitely has a chance to launch in Japan with a strong, powerful debut.

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