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Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets

23 Oct

The British pop music scene has had somewhat of a renaissance these past couple of years, and it’s the girls that have been leading the way. Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Kate Nash and so on and so on have really put British pop music on the global stage. This continued somewhat this past year with La Roux, Little Boots and Florence and the Machine. A newbie who might be set to become the next big thing is a girl called Ellie Goulding. I think she sounds like… a more folky version of La Roux. She’s just released her promo single video and… I quite like it! Granted, I love me some electropop melody shiz, but I actually quite like this. She has a funny voice though, a bit like a chipmunk in a goldfish bowl. Or maybe that’s the vocoder…