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Faye Wong (王菲) – Yi-lan Cao (幽兰操) (Confucius Movie Theme Song (孔子))

6 Jan

Are you excited?! Faye Wong is back! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! /overjoyed! Faye Wong is awesome! I think she is an amazing singer and artist. She’s definitely one of the most creative and original singers in China/Asia/Everywhere. I’m absolutely ecstatic that she’s back. She’s back singing Chow Yun Fat’s new film, Confucius. It tells the story of everyone’s favourite philospher, and Faye Wong just recorded the theme song for it days ago! Check it out below! I think it’s beautiful. It’s been 5 long years since she released Jiang Ai (To Love), but now those 5 years are over and we can all celebrate. I <3 Faye.