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Stefanie Sun – Ni Guang (Against the Light) Live

26 Jan

I don’t listen to that much C-pop. Which is a shame, because I think Mandarin is a beautiful language and I think a lot of the Chinese popstars are consciously aware of the past and tradition as well as the future. Stefanie Sun is one of my favourite Chinese singers (although it should be noted she’s Singaporean). I should listen to her more. I only really know two songs, Mulan Qing and Ni Guang. Ni Guang is the song that got me to love Stefanie. I think it’s beautiful. Check out her performance of it live fora TV special (I think…?). Stefanie is a true artist, she brings something different to the music scene. I think she is so genuine with her performances. I love her for that. I also recently discovered her blog, which is written in English. It’s a really interesting read, she’s so candid about herself. She’s also amazingly intelligent.

Faye Wong (王菲) – Yi-lan Cao (幽兰操) (Confucius Movie Theme Song (孔子))

6 Jan

Are you excited?! Faye Wong is back! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! /overjoyed! Faye Wong is awesome! I think she is an amazing singer and artist. She’s definitely one of the most creative and original singers in China/Asia/Everywhere. I’m absolutely ecstatic that she’s back. She’s back singing Chow Yun Fat’s new film, Confucius. It tells the story of everyone’s favourite philospher, and Faye Wong just recorded the theme song for it days ago! Check it out below! I think it’s beautiful. It’s been 5 long years since she released Jiang Ai (To Love), but now those 5 years are over and we can all celebrate. I <3 Faye.

F.I.R. – We Are

25 Nov

I cna’t write much because I have to run out the door to see my friend and see a play. We’re going to see A Christmas Carol! Ooo, I’m very excited ^_^

Anyways, wanted to quickly blog about F.I.R.’s new single, We Are. I love me some FIR! jia you! The new single is pretty cool! Always <3 Faye's voice.

Stefanie Sun (Sun Yan Zi, 孙燕姿) – Mulan’s Passion (Mulan Qing, 木兰情) English/Chinese/Pinyin Lyrics

19 Nov

Here are the lyrics to Stefanie Sun’s new song for Hua Mulan. I didn’t translate the lyrics myself, credit goes to here and the Chinese lyrics come from here. However, the pinyin translation I did myself, so you can sing along even if you don’t know Chinese! Please note, for the pinyin lyrics I added a repeat of the chorus which is how it is in the MV. Really loving this song!


這是誰的沙漠 我忘了我是誰
又是誰 讓這天灰

鐵衣下的你我 從患難到心碎
我問天 是白是黑

滄海世界 一眼成灰

對自己說 絕不後退


I saw the clouds…wandering aimlessly in the sky
I heard a teardrop in the midst of the raging sand
Who does this desert belongs to?

I’ve forgotten who I am
And who…turns this sky grey?
I woke up on the black mountain,
Lying next to the Yellow river…

The winds are howling to the north
Where were the horses at the market in my homeland waiting for?

Under the leaded armor,
You and me…. through thick and thin,
Our hearts are shattering

I asked the heavens… what is black or white?
How many drops of tears can one heart bury?
How I’ve hung on because of my love?
I’ll remember the beauty in this land and sky

The world …turns to dust in an instant

I want to drink the water from the well in my home
But all I tasted was life and death
Let me toast to my fond memories
To say to myself…I won’t turn back


wŏ kān de jiàn yún zài tiān shàng hùn luàn de fēi
wŏ tīng de jiàn gŭn gŭn shā chăng mái yī dī lèi
zhè shì shéi de shā mò wŏ wàng le wŏ shì shéi
yòu shì shéi ràng zhè tiān huī

xĭng zài hēi shān shuì zài huáng hé fēng chuī wàng bĕi
zuó rì gù xiāng dōng shì jùn mă zài dĕng zhù shéi
tiĕ yī xià de nĭ wŏ cōng huàn nàn dào xīn suì
wŏ wèn tiān shì bái shì hēi

yī kē xīn zàng le jī dī lèi
yī shēng qíng bēi wŏ wăng qián fēi
jì zhu zhè tiān de zhòng dì mĕi
cāng hăi shì jiè yī yăn chéng huī

wŏ xiăng hē jiā de jĭng shuĭ
què tūn xià shēng sĭ de zī wèi
jiù ràng wŏ wăng shì yī bēi
duì zì jĭ shuō jué bù hòu tuì

xĭng zài hēi shān shuì zài huáng hé fēng chuī wàng bĕi
zuó rì gù xiāng dōng shì jùn mă zài dĕng zhù shéi
tiĕ yī xià de nĭ wŏ cōng huàn nàn dào xīn suì
wŏ wèn tiān shì bái shì hēi

Stefanie Sun (Sun Yan Zi, 孙燕姿) – Mulan’s Passion (Mulan Qing, 木兰情) @ Hua Mulan Live Premiere

18 Nov

Stefanie Sun recently had the great honour of closing the event for Hua Mulan’s World Premiere in Beijing. This film is going to be so huge! With the nation’s sweet heart, Zhao Wei starring as Mulan, how can it not be a success? I got goosebumps seeing Stefanie perform on this stage. She looks amazing, so beautiful and she sings so well. You can feel every single bit of emotion she feels when she sings. I’m so happy for her that although she was absent from the music scene for quite a long time, she’s been able to come back with such a huge single and honour. I may sound overly patriotic here, but oh well!

Please note, the audio quality is pretty dreadful, but watch it all the same!

Stefanie Sun (Sun Yan Zi, 孙燕姿) – Mulan’s Passion (Mulan Qing, 木兰情)

16 Nov

Stefanie Sun, one of my favourite C-pop artists is finally back after a long hiatus with a new song. None other than one of the theme songs for the new epic movie, Hua Mulan starring Zhao Wei. This is a huge achievement for Stefanie as no doubt this film is going to be a box office smash! There have been period epics the last few years in Chinese cinema, thanks to directors like Ang Lee and Zhang Yimou. The song is beautiful and Stefanie’s vocals are so emotional. Mulan’s story is one that greatly inspires Chinese people generation after generation and I’m very proud of Stefanie.

alan – 久遠の河

25 Sep

So… if you’re interested in Chinese/Asian cinema, like me, you will no doubt have heard about the epic Chi Bi (or Red Cliff). It’s a 2 part, 4 hour long film based on the period of Chinese history known as the Three Kingdoms. It features some of China’s finest actors and actresses and is meant to be really epic. I guess it’s a bit like Gladiator or something. I love Chinese history, not just because I’m half-Chinese but it’s so amazingly interesting and had so many amazing wonders. A lot of the time the Eurocentric West fails to respect Chinese and Asian historic legacies, and instead treats them as mere curiousities of the Orient.

alan is a Chinese/Tibetan singer who focuses mainly on the J-pop scene. I’ve heard of her before, most likely because he name sounds so silly being a male English name, but I’ve never actually heard her sing before. When I found out she sang the theme songs for Chi Bi I just had to listen! I was pleasantly surprised. You can tell their theme songs, but still really good! Also, her single ranked number 3 on the Oricon Weekly chart, the highest place ever for a Chinese singer in Japan. I think this is great news and shows that Asian countries are starting to become more open and accepting.

CoCo Lee – BYOB

26 Aug

I was having one of those reminscient moments where I think: ‘Mmm, what happened to X’. Normally it’s someone I’ve not thought about for ages. This time it was none other than Chinese pop diva, CoCo Lee. For those that don’t know her (granted, I always get the feeling that CoCo Lee is more ‘remembered’ than ‘known’; if that makes sense). I just wanna say, CoCo has an amazing voice. It rivals Mariah’s, Christina’s, Leona’s, Celine’s and so on. She’s had a stab at English music but didn’t quite go anywhere with it. As much as I love her, she has had a few dodgy songs… well, a lot of dodgy songs. And she’s a bit of a hussy… But! Nothing could quite prepare me for this:

O… m… g…

Yep! That’s right! CoCo’s latest song is about recycling! BYOB stands for Bring Your Own Bag! What?! Why? Why would you do that to yourself as an artist? Okay well fair enough, National Geographic wanted her to do it – so it’s a pretty big thing. Maybe they were just like: ‘hey, China’s a big pollutant, let’s get a popstar to sing a song about it!’. The song’s okay… Her other new single is conventional CoCo fair (dance, party, Chinese pop music).

Just wanted to say… omg! *freaked*